Sonification of San Giovanni Elemosinario is a music for film work that attempts to recreate a Venetian church through sound. Collaborating with architecture students studying in Venice, Italy, I received sketches of axonometric views, floor plans, column details, entrances, and other structural perspectives. Placing these sketches inside Iannix allowed cursors to trace the architectural renderings in real time. These cursors output data to Kyma, where mappings of data control oscillators, harmonic resonators, noise filters, as well as other acoustic treatments (panning, reverb, EQ, frequency shifts, etc.). While no impulse response was recorded, listening tests inside the church determined a ~3 second decay time, and helped influence the creation of spatial reverberation.
A huge thank you to Matthew Burtner and Anselmo Canfora, both of whom made the collaboration possible.
Video/Music: Jon Bellona
Drawing: Olivia Morgan, Alex Picciano

AUU (And Uh Um)

Wacom Tablet, Kyma (2010)

Humans fill uncomfortable moments between thoughts, not with spaces of silence, but instead with principally three noticeable sounds: "and", "uh", and "um". "AUU" explores the spaces between our thoughts, as well as the use of the three common words that mask these silences.

All sounds were designed using KYMA, and mapped to the Wacom Tablet for performance. Originally performed and recorded for 8 channels, this mix was balanced for stereo. Please wear headphones to take advantage of the full audio spectrum.

+ View the score.

Fahrenheit 451

Flute, Bassoon, Piano (2012)

Fahrenheit 451, commissioned by the Taihei Ensemble, is a composition for flute, bassoon, and piano. Fahrenheit 451 takes its inspiration, in part, from the novel of the same name by Ray Bradbury. Four hundred and fifty one degrees is the temperature at which paper burns, and the piece explores the character and movement of fire. The character of the piece is demarcated by the tempo: 'pleasantly burning.' Simultaneously, through the instrumentation and counterpoint, the work hints at the complex relationships between three of the main characters from the novel: Captain Beatty, Montague, and Clarisse McClellan.

+ View the score.

[Coded] In Passing

Flute, trumpet, and 3D video projection (2010)

with: James Bean, Emily McPherson, Mark Knippel, Mike Stephen, and Katherine Spinella

In Passing articulates the journey of an interactive dialogue between performers, where the germinal communicative motive becomes entangled as the conversation evolves. The clarity and complexity of the conversation between the performers takes form through video projection and live performance. The unfolding progression of this fluctuating relationship seeks to draw attention to interpersonal relationships.


Microsoft Kinect, Kyma (2013)

Casting is a real-time composition for a single performer using the Microsoft Kinect and Kyma. The piece embodies both the programmatic and the magical use of the term. By giving form to gesture that conjures sound and visual elements, a body's movement becomes intertwined with the visceral. The performer's body 'throws' and controls sound, enabling the viewer to perceive sound as transfigured by motion. In this way, music becomes defined by the human mold of the performer and listener.

Get started on your own project! View and download simpleKinect, my open-source software for working with the Kinect and any OSC-enabled application.

Running Expressions

Heart-rate monitor, two Nintendo Wiimotes, and two dual-axis accelerometers (2011-12)

Running Expressions is a real-time performance composition written primarily in Kyma and Max/MSP. By capturing live physiological data, music is created and controlled within an 8-channel and video projection environment. The musical performance narrates a distance run, the psychological and emotional impacts of a running experience.

+ Download Documentation .pdf and the performance software (Max/MSP/Jitter, OSCulator, and Processing) files. (.zip, 11.5 MB)

+ Download Kyma performance audio files. (.zip, 45.3 MB)

+ Download Thesis documentation separately. (.pdf, 11.2 MB)

Unresolved Peace

Flute, Live Electronics (2010)

Unresolved Peace is a narrative of a sister losing her brother to war. Separated into three movements, the work reflects upon the process of being initiated into the Gold Star family. The work is dedicated to the Cleary, Henderson, and Winder families, to the wonderful Gold Star families with whom I've shared time, and to all whom keep open hearts. The poem "Peace" was written by Thich Nhat Hanh, 1968. This is the May 2, 2010 performance recording, with Allie Greenwood on flute.

+ Download the score.

Sound Pong

For four Nintendo Wiimotes & four pairs of Rec-Specs (2011)

Sound Pong is a real-time performance composition written in Kyma and Max/MSP for an electronic ensemble. The eight channel piece was co-written by Jon Bellona and Jeremy Schropp for OEDO (Oregon Electronic Device Orchestra). The video is a recording of Feb. 27th, 2011 premiere. Performers: Jeremy Schropp, Jon Bellona, Nathan Asman, and Simon Hutchinson.

Download the Sound Pong source patches (Max, Kyma, and OSCulator). The zip file does not include the audio files. @300 KB

Download the Open Source Wii interface (see also projects#wiimote)@200 KB

Download the white paper documentation. @1.1 MB

Download the Sound Pong audio files. @72.3 MB

Great Speeches

Max/MSP, Laptop Ensemble (2013)

Great Speeches is a computer music composition for any laptop ensemble (10+ performers). The work may be used with any bank of audio samples, but these samples should be generated from a famous/great speech. The work was intended to be used with speech material from famous speeches and to be performed on the anniversary of the greet speech or commemorative occasion of that individual or event.

Great Speeches is based upon pseudo-random number recall. The many witnesses of a famous speech have various perspectives and vantage points of that event. The work attempts to magnetize these seemingly random perspectives into a new viewpoint through which we can hear. New words, ideas, and rhythms are generated through the synthesis of multiplicity.

The recording documents a Oct. 30, 2013 performance of the UVa MICE ensemble with 100 players using only their laptops and laptop speakers. If you would like to perform this work with your laptop ensemble, please send me an email.

Zero Crossing

Fixed Media for Dance and Digital Projections (2012)

Zero Crossing is a collaborative work by Harmonic Laboratory. The piece explores the relationships between moving bodies, real and perceived, and the line that exists at the junction of action.

Music was composed by Jon Bellona. Choreography by Brad Garner. Digital Projections by John Park. The piece was created, in part, for (sub)Urban Projections, a digital arts festival sponsored by the University of Oregon and the City of Eugene. The video performance is the premiere. Please wear headphones to take advantage of the full audio spectrum.

Vietnam Sound Memorial

Fixed media for 8-channels (2003)

The Sound Memorial for the Veterans of the Vietnam War is a six-hour long composition, a reading of the names of the service members who died during the Vietnam War. The Sound Memorial is a fixed media work performed as an eight-speaker installation and is composed from 210+ voices and over 200 hours of recording. The memorial resurrects the service member's names by propagating them within a defined space, allowing the name to reverberate within a room and take on a whole new life. The first audio excerpt is "Height of the War;" the movement attempts to capture the magnitude of American service members killed in action over the course of several months in 1968. Following this movement is the rest of the piece, playing sequentially from the beginning.

+ Download the score.

+ Project Site

Sonic Dog Tags

Python, Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing (2010)

Sonic Dog Tags is a set of compositions I composed using programs written in Python, Max/MSP/Jitter, and Processing. My programs retrieve biographical information of fallen service members from the Department of Defense RSS feed, map the information to musical parameters, and draw complementary visual sketches, collectively forming compositions unique to each service member.

Download source code examples.

The above video explains the compostional process. For videos/compositions of the individual service members, please click on the links below.

Tramaine J. Billingsley, Carlos A. Benitez, Rafael Martinez Jr.

Jessica Ellis

Jarod Newlove

Audio Engineering

Brooklyn Recording

Your Favourite Kind

Drew Gress (Asst. Engineer 2008) Brooklyn Recording

Ritmo y Sabor

Jose Conde y Ola Fresca (Asst. Engineer 2007) Brooklyn Recording

Hotelzimmer 1942

Theo Bleckmann & Fumio Yusuda (Asst. Engineer 2007) Brooklyn Recording


Shape We're In

The Courtesy Tier (Tracking Engineer 2008) Brooklyn Recording, (quick, post-session mixdown)

Dreams That Heroes Dream

Low Red Land (Tracking Engineer 2006) The Conservatory, Phoenix, AZ

Engineering Credits

Tony Malaby: Warblepeck: Assistant 2008
Tony Scherr: Twist In The Wind: Mixing Assistant 2008
Jenny Scheinman: Crossing the Field: Mixing Assistant 2008
Chutzpah: Hip Hop Fantasy: Drum Engineer 2008
The Kills: Midnight Boom: Assistant Engineer 2008
Sean Noonan: Boxing Dreams: Assistant Engineer 2008
Drew Gress: Irrational Numbers: Assistant Engineer 2008
Danny & Dusty: Cast Iron Soul: Mixing Assistant 2008
Tétes Raides: Banco: Mixing Assistant 2007
Theo Bleckmann: BerlinĀ­Songs of love and war, peace and exile: Asst. Engineer 2007
Les Ogres: Du Simple Au Néant: Mixing Assistant 2007
Tamio Okuda: 'Mugen no Kaze' EP: Assistant 2007
Rufus Wainwright: Release the Stars: Assistant Engineer 2007
Joan Osborne: Breakfast in Bed: Assistant Engineer 2007
Jose Conde: (R)evolucion: Assistant Engineer 2007
Ariel Aparicio: All These Brilliant Things: Assistant 2007
Low Red Land: Weight of Nations: Engineer 2006

Credits on

Film/Sound Design

The Snow

short film (music) - 2012

I wrote an acousmatic piece called The Snow, which Doug Potts wrote a short film for. All sound elements for the composition were created using Symbolic Sound's Kyma.


Fringe Festival Video Remix (music), 1st place - 2011

Doug Potts (film), Jon Bellona (music)

An attempt to capture the emotional drama portrayed in Yonggang Wu's striking silent film The Goddess. An amplification of anxiety, darkness, and gloom, independence, motherhood, and triumph. A contemporary perception of a harsh reality brought to film seventy-seven years ago. (description by Doug Potts).


short film (sound and music) - 2011

The film was created as part of the University of Oregon Adrenaline Film Project, during Cinema Pacific 2011. Filmmakers have 72 hours to pitch, script, cast, shoot, and edit a short film. All music and sound design was done within the 72 hour time limit.

Confidant (Americana/Alt. Folk)

Confidant is a collaborative project between Jon Bellona and Samira Potts. Based on their diverse love of music (ranging from Townes Van Zandt to Adele), the duo began writing and performing kitschy, alternative folk, embellished with country twang and vocal harmonies. All sessions are engineered, mixed, and produced by Jon Bellona. Confidant's music is available at:

Audio Sample (3 songs)

Couch Sessions EP (2012)

Pope Blackout (Noise Pop)

Pope Blackout is an indie-rock inspired outlet for electro-acoustic composer Jon Bellona. This three-song EP delves into emitting noise as art, and one can hear inspirations like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth coming through the mix. When Jon is not modifying oscillators, the Pope is at the console.

Sleeping Beauty EP (3 songs)

Sleeping Beauty EP (2010)

Edgy Citizens (Indie)

Cary James, Evan James, and Jon Bellona came together through various avenues. As Cary and Jon had a previous project known as The Landscapers, The Edgy Citizens burgeoned on their conversations of live records and wavy, pastiche pop. Their debut, "If I Had A Hi-Fi", premiered in January, 2003, and was cut live with two additional session players - Lindsay Papsmear on bass, and Ben Salzman on drums - around one Neumann SM69. Our heroes sounded the various guitar noises and spit vocals. To date, the group is on hiatus working on solo projects.

If I Had A Hi-Fi (Sample 3 songs)

Edgy Citizens LP (2003)